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Since 1988, the Theater and Poetry Project at PCCC has expanded its arts education initiative to include the following programs:

Professional Theater Performances at the PCCC Theater

We partner with touring companies, such as ArtsPower and Young Audiences, that feature educational and engaging shows, and provide study guides for enhanced learning. 
Our live theater performances satisfy a core requirement of the NJSLS-VPA. Participating as members of the audience enables students to think beyond their horizons and develop their own creativity. 

In-class and Virtual Poetry Workshops

We participate with grades 1 – 12, and work with professional poets who can present their teachings either virtually or in the classroom. 

The purpose of the workshops is to enable students to channel their personal feelings through poetry, and learn creative writing skills in the process. Students are encouraged to create freely in a safe environment, while exploring the beauty of words.

We encourage teachers to inquire about our residency-style workshops or one-time writing sessions. 

List poem created during a poetry workshop in a Paterson Public School

A list poem written by the 7th grade students of Ms. Queen’s class at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Complex during a TAPP workshop.

Retired TAPP Coordinator Susan Amsterdam with Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Junot Diaz

Retired TAPP coordinator Susan Amsterdam recognizing Pulitzer Prize winning author Junot Diaz. 

Meet-The-Author Sessions

These sessions, offered to Paterson students in grades one through 12, help participants develop a personal connection with literature, and an increased enthusiasm for reading. Also, students meet authors of diverse backgrounds, who inspire them to write creatively and maybe one day write a children’s book or novel of their own.  

Folk Arts in Education

The Theater and Poetry Project is proud to partner with the Folklife Center of Northern NJ to bring the Folk Arts in Education initiative (FAIE) to the Paterson Public Schools. 

FAIE is an ongoing partnership between regional folklife centers and local schools. In-class and virtual workshops are led by folk artists in music, dance, crafts, storytelling, and other art forms at no cost to the schools.

To learn more about the Folklife Center of Northern NJ and its other programs, visit their website

If you'd like to schedule a workshop, please fill out the form below. 

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Workshops are scheduled based on the availability of funds and the writer’s/artist’s schedule. Therefore, we can only work with a select few at a given time and schedule a limited number of workshops. We will always work within our means to bring professional, high-quality educators into your classrooms.

No. Workshops are free to the schools. You can, if you’d like, make a donation to our program so that we may continue to put on more workshops and reach more students.

A residency is a series of sessions that can include anywhere from three to six workshops. A professional poet or author will teach the workshops to the same classroom(s) over the course of a few weeks. Residencies are ideal for building on the student’s progress which can culminate into a larger work of art/writing.

One-time workshops are great for inspiring students to pick up their pens and play with the rhythm of language. Workshops are scheduled based on the availability of the writer and budget funds.

Individual workshops last one class period. Poets and authors usually teach 3-4 class periods on a given day. Lengthier auditorium-style workshops can be accommodated.

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